Christmas Stockings for South Texas

Although our South Texas mission trip has been cancelled, we still plan to provide Christmas Stockings for children this year. Our goal is to fill 1,200 Christmas Stockings for children on both sides of the border. The local pastors pick up these stockings and distribute them to the children in the area. For many of these children, this is their only Christmas gift. Help us bless these children with your Life Group’s donation of:

  • Coed 1 (O’Laughlin) - 75 small little pony toy figures

  • Coed 1B (Gould) - 75 hardback books (younger children)

  • Coed 2 (Fannin) - 75 small puzzles

  • Coed 3 (Willson) - 75 small note pads or journals for girls

  • Coed 4 (Horn) - 50 pencil sharpeners

  • Coed 5 (Boyd) - 50 bars of soap

  • Coed 6 (Rabalais) - 75 coin or change purses

  • Coed 7 (McElroy) - 75 girls’ combs (NOT brushes)

  • Coed 8 (Colvin) - 75 small calculators

  • Coed 9 (Mashaw) - 75 pocket size Kleenex

  • Coed 10 (Simmons) - 50 bars of soap

  • Coed 11 (Baudouin) - 60  3oz size Play-Doh (50¢ each @Walmart)

  • College (Rimes) - 60  3oz size Play-Doh (50¢ each @Walmart)

  • Ladies (Dees-Dupuy) - 75 girls’ nail polish, lip gloss (party section @ Walmart)

  • Men (Peroyea) - 60  3oz size Play-Doh (50¢ each @Walmart)  

  • Masters (Barnes) - 50 bars of soap

  • Adult 1 (Wagner) - 50 bars of soap

  • Adult 2 (Lacy) - 60  3oz size Play-Doh (50¢ each @Walmart)

  • Adult 3 (Bankston) - 75 toy figurines

  • Younger Preschool Workers - 100 toothbrushes

  • Older Preschool Workers - 100 toothbrushes

  • Children’s Workers - 100 toothbrushes

  • Students’ Workers - 100 toothbrushes

Items can be purchased at Dollar Tree, Dollar General, Family Dollar, Walmart.

Collection boxes will be in the Mission Center and Large Atrium.

Please bring items by Sunday, October 4.

Click Here to download this list.

Caring to Love Ministries

Caring to Love Ministries is a pro-life ministry to expectant mothers who are in
a crisis situation. Ministry, counseling, and preparation for brith are provided.
First Baptist Church supports Caring to Love through our annual baby bottle
offering during May and June and periodic special hands on assistance at the center.

Church Contact: Debra Tillman dtillman@fbcz.org

Community Food Pantry

Supported financially and through food drives held during the year.

Connect 1:27

Foster/Adoption Ministry

Heritage Ranch

Christian Children's Home

Judson Retreat Center

Church retreats and camps. Supported financially through our giving to the Louisiana Baptist Association.

LA Baptist Children's Home

LBCH is a home for children who are unable to live at their family home for whatever reason.
LBCH also provides counseling service in Monroe and Baton Rouge.
First Baptist Church supports the LBCH through monetary donations.


The Baptist Collegiate Ministry at LSU is a ministry of the Louisiana Baptist Association. Throughout the year, First Baptist takes opportunities to feed and minister to the students of Louisiana State University through the BCM.



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