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Pastor's Book

Comfortably Numb: A Study of Apathy in Malachi

Comfortably Numb is Dr. Eddie Wren's first foray into publishing. It's a book about apathy in the Christian life from the prophetic pages of Malachi and a call to abandon that apathy in favor of giving God your best.

Apathy or neglect of faith is not a new problem in the church. As conveyed in the Old Testament, God regularly confronted the apathy of His people and used prophets, such as Malachi, to call His people to believe in Him, and honor Him with their words, worship, and all they were.


In Comfortably Numb, Pastor Eddie Wren shares a detailed exploration of the Old Testament book of Malachi that provides a candid glimpse into the current state of the American church and its worshippers as they battle to shake the apathy that is gripping their lives and hearts, and ultimately serve the Lord with passion. While relying on the words of the fiery prophet for inspiration, Dr. Wren delves into the scripture that encourages believers to hear the accusations, respond to the conviction of the Holy Spirit, and walk in obedience to the Lord.


Comfortably Numb explores the book of Malachi and shares wisdom from a seasoned pastor while reminding weary Christians to believe in the promise of God’s love and divine plan.

Purchase your copy online [WestBow Press, Amazon, etc]

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