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Apps for FBCZ Members


A key app we use is called Realm Connect. With Realm, you can manage your personal membership info, access giving tools, register for events, connect with your groups, and more. If you are a church member, but don't have a password to your Realm account yet, contact the office.

Already have YouVersion's Bible App on your device? You can even set us as your home church. Look up the message outline on Sundays by searching for "Events" near you. It's there that you can follow along with the message outline, take notes, and easily look up Bible passages.

Don't have Bible App? Click here for details.

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Download the
FBCZachary app

Get the FBCZachary app for easiest access to our livestream on Sunday mornings, our message archive, event calendar, and quick links to giving, event registration, etc.

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