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Pastor Eddie has released his first book, Comfortably Numb: A Study of Apathy in Malachi. It's a quick read of less than 100 pages that will challenge you to give God your best. You may purchase a copy in the office for $12 or purchase one from WestBow Press, Amazon or anywhere books are sold online.

Apathy or neglect of faith is not a new problem in the church. As conveyed in the Old Testament, God regularly confronted the apathy of His people and used prophets, such as Malachi, to call His people to believe in Him, and honor Him with their words, worship, and all they were.

In Comfortably Numb, Pastor Eddie Wren shares a detailed exploration of the Old Testament book of Malachi that provides a candid glimpse into the current state of the American church and its worshippers as they battle to shake the apathy that is gripping their lives and hearts, and ultimately serve the Lord with passion. While relying on the words of the fiery prophet for inspiration, Dr. Wren delves into the scripture that encourages believers to hear the accusations, respond to the conviction of the Holy Spirit, and walk in obedience to the Lord.

Comfortably Numb explores the book of Malachi and shares wisdom from a seasoned pastor while reminding weary Christians to believe in the promise of God’s love and divine plan.

“Family Technology Plan At Home Kit” will help parents make their own Technology Plan with the whole family! Technology and Screens are a growing part of our society, culture, and daily lives. Managing expectations and how these are used is an important part of parenting today! With the following documents and activities you’ll be able to openly discuss expectations and guidelines for your whole family!


Step 1: Give every family member, even parents, a copy of “Family Technology Plan Blueprint”. Give each family member time to fill out their preferences and opinions for each section. Then move down to each Element. If they believe a certain section should not apply, simply choose “No” and move on. If they believe a section should be apart of their Family Technology Plan then they should select “Yes” and list suggestions.

Step 2: A Parent should collect all the “Blueprints” and then take a copy of “Family Technology Plan Worksheet”. (You will need 2 copies of this sheet) Start by discussing as a family the individual goals you have for creating this Plan. Next, list all suggestions and notes for each Element of each family members “Blueprint”.

Plan shared by Tony Bianco

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