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Celebrate at First Zachary!

Easter is a holiday that we, as Christians, celebrate our Savior's triumph over sin, death, and the grave. Jesus Christ defeated death by bodily raising Himself from the grave! This historical event was witnessed and documented - it provides hope that our faith hinges on. Without the resurrection of Jesus, we would be pitiable, merely religious moralists, but since Jesus's resurrection is true, God has given us purpose and a hope of a bright eternal future with Him.

Come find out more about Jesus and celebrate the Resurrection with us this Easter!

Celebrate with Us!

March 24, 8:30 & 11AM
We will celebrate Lord’s Supper in both services
Kids (grade 1+) will join the adults for worship at 11am

Saturday, March 30, 9-11am
for families with kids from birth to grade 6

Worship on GOOD FRIDAY
Come Celebrate God's Goodness
& Pray for our Community

March 29, 6:30PM

March 31, 8:30 & 11AM

Kids (through grade 4) can enjoy the Nursery, PreK Worship, or KidsWorship at 11am

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Invite someone to worship with you on Easter.
God may use it to change their life
Pick up a card or two from an Invite Station to help. #GeauxFBCZ

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